Everybody breeding is always saying stick to your vision this and follow your goals that and you've got to have a plan and so forth....Well that may or not be easier said than done, but here is Blackacre's best crack at it this section showcases studs that we feel are extremely special and have characteristics that we want to capture in our congress of wonders ( a fancy euphemism for a FREAK SHOW) Another thing about having a vision that may or not make sense is that in strict adherence that very pursuit you throwing away the spontaneity that is necessary to truly allow something great to come about and manifest itself....It's heresy —We Know—But we also don't believe in so called "breeding to a standard." Nevertheless we do believe in breeding not all f@¢ked-up dogs. We're not going to ever purposely breed serious health problems, but we're not going to say our dogs must all be exactly 17 inches, and must have no single fault...to us that is just disrespectful too the dogs. What makes the dogs in this section so special is they all have that certian as the French say, je ne se qua, or a certain "I don't know what..." and that is what makes them so special....It would be pretty boring if we just listed out these characteristics in a vain attempt to try and explain the unexplainable so for what it's worth and in no particular order except perhaps for roughtly the order we discovered them for ourselves and fell in love....please allow Blackacre to present ....


***Please pardon our progress as we are continuing to add pictures of these marvelous Specimen's as time permits...***


Blue King's Big Juan Geno

King Kong's Gambler



Edge Empire

Blue Pride's Tommy Gunnzz


Playboy of LB Finest

WCCB El Centenario* & Zenstyles Pokemon

*( El Cente is not on here just for looks his productions are what earned him his spot here)


Orange County Bullies Stomper

Bakersfield Bullies Gannon

Desert Heat's Hitler and Bin Laden


Colden's Massacre

RE Skoundrel

Toritos Bulls Hellboy


Outcross Kingdom

Roaddog's Swagga, Teardrop & Israel

BlueLine Boys



Thrilla Tank Jr Ghostrider Rico Act BluCheez

Diehard's Iron Tank


DDK Zeus and KeyChain

House of Blue Pitbulls DirtyBoy


Lionspaw Pits Diamondback Rattler

Demonios Realm Black Ryno



Royal Family Head Honcho

Bonafide King Flexx

PoundforPound King Ra


RCP Bane AKA Devils Reject


RCP Oddjob




GK Korner

The Unstoppable Juggernaught

Garcia's GK Smokey

UKCMW Kimbo/Yogi/Toro

GK Konvict CDC ###


Soto Pit's El Machete


Mortal Monsters Hammer Head Chrome and Kilo



OG Gottiline Gangsta's

Notorious Boss JUAN GOTTI GrandSON SON of Excecutioner Bones

Gottiline Guero

Southbay Gottiline Timone

Gottyline Ichiban #1

Gottyline Baloo Jack





Big ol Badasses

Sunline Knuckles

Hawaiian Legend


Iron Rails Rush and Freight

DDK Blue Dragon

RBG King Liger

BlueSteel of Dagger

BGK's The Rock



Madrigal's Porky

VietShark/RedLion Steroid

Doomsday Hanibal Lector

Hatfield's Craigslist





Terrorist Threat

Benny Blanco from Da Bronx

GKK Headward Swellington

CrossRoads Kurupto


Throw'd Pits Willie Esco Da Don

Zullou's Kanye West




Muggleston Havok

PitKrew Iceman




Pocket Passions

Bayani Bullies Tum Tum



MWB Von Mar


Bull City's Mugsy

Wisconsin Legend Pacquiao

Gottiline Kong



Monsterpit Kennel's Don Julio


Kona of BigBone


Mr Gucciano aka Gooch

Lil Marvin the Martian

Gottiline's Dax*


**(this is probationary until I get to see him in real life because the fanfare is already to great for me to contribute to it further)

Kingpinline/Bullycamp's Mr. Miagi*

* Mr. Miyagi is on this list because of his influence on the pocket american bully and because he is my little brother's favorite dog




Dungeon 5150 White Dragon*

*White Dragon is featured for his pulling accomplishments as well as looking damn good!!!

Black Clyde*

*Black Clyde is featured because of his trailblazing participation and sucess in obedience and protection competitions


Blue Ribbon/Shock N AWE White Knuckles*

*Knuckles is featured because of being the first ABKC XL GRCH and having a bunch of titles for different shit



Having a dog in this section is a tremendous honor reserved for only a select select few....These are the Ladies that light up our life and programs...Whether you have bought a girl on here, produced a girl on here or have one of these ladies in your pedigre... You my friend... EITHER... ARE already or are well on your way to becoming a pitbull power player...

Clavo's/Rockafella Reyna

Dragon's Pride Kilo (FEMALE)



Sunline Chanel

Demonios Realm Diamond

Odoggz Big Blue Koffee

ULP Psycopath @ GKK

ULP Syndrome

Big Babii

Babii's Daughter Mia

Pam Anderson


Mortal Monsters Jade

MCK Enorma

Gracie Scarface

RCP Burlesque

HBK Effie White

Dragon's Pride KO


ROMA &Bella*






***And No. We havent forgotten the ladies, but at this point in our program we are striving to produce females that look as if not more badass than the males...once/ if ever we are able to get those traitts set where we like we might try to add some as yet undiscovered charateristic or quality to make them badass yet slightly more feminine as well. But we're not anywhere near there yet... so the studs should work for the purpose of demonstrating what we are after...afterall it would be fairly indiscreet for us to go around asking all the other owners if their girls are still producing...and there are probably only a handfull that would really qualify for the same recognition as the studs we love...
This section is dedicated to the venerable studs that have either hung it up for one reason or another or have gone off to The Island with Tupac, Biggie, Elvis, Cairo etc...These are basically dogs that are no longer squirting there seeds everywhere although we wish they were...Basically we wanted to include dogs that we'd put on the Stud's we love page and that we'd be using if they were still around. While we can't list every dog that has had a big influence on the breed and our program, we can show and list a few that we really feel epitomize the Blackacre look we are attempting to bring together...and demonstrate extra reverence for these amazing bygone producers...


Shogun/King Kong's Bruising Axel Foley

Blueline Jalisco & Smokey

Kapu's/Roaddog's Girlfriend

BowWow's Blow

GK Mr. Brass Knuckles

New Troijan Monster G

Razor's Edge Purple Rose of Cairo

Arnold The Terminator

Legion of Doom's Mission

Westside Monster JoJola

Do Goode's Big Boi


Duke Reyes/Rhino/ButtheadLightsOutx???/Etc/Etc...(Who knows if he's really Retired)





Odoggz Tookie Williams

Royal Bloodline King Lion

Xroad's Kryptonite

Boomhower (FreakxPuma)

Fergie (FreakxPuma) (another girl)

RE Escobar

RE Blue Pimp Suit/Tux

RE NT Miss Piggy (female believe it or not)



GK Kora the Headmaker

GK Stone & Hazul


Butthead's Hook ( survived a rattlesnake bite x2 getting hit by a car and a Cougar getting in his cage)

Daisy Dukes (maybe retired but NOT SURE)

PowerLine's Blue Ace

Ron's Payday

Dungeon Chevelle

Gottiline El Presidente*

* On our latest check Presidente was sold to a new owner in Thiland so he may/or may not be officially retired from studhood in the US

Dungeon 5150


Royal Family El Jeffe

RIP-909 Pits Hummer

Roaddog's Q-Tip



MCK Kamodo Dragon

Mena's Stunner


Low-Jack Remy Martin


Demonios Realm Kaos



Dungeon 5150 Heavy Delicious "Heavy D"


Diehard's Strait Out of Compton aka "Mac-10"

Demonios Realm Komptone

Dream Team's Suge Knight